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Episode #7. Hermann Simon: Hidden Champions Of Value Creation

July 19, 2023 Hunter Hastings Episode 7
Value Creators
Episode #7. Hermann Simon: Hidden Champions Of Value Creation
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The vast majority of businesses – the very backbone of the economic system – are derogatorily defined as small and medium enterprises by government statisticians. A better mental model is that they are the champions of value creation. 

Hermann Simon is a renowned management thinker and author, chairman of the consulting firm Simon-Kucher and the founder and leader of the research project he calls Hidden Champions. Hidden Champions uncovered the data demonstrating that – compared to the larger and more publicized companies of the major stock indexes like the S&P 500 - small and medium businesses are typically more profitable, more efficient (higher revenue per employee), faster growing, better at investing in and producing innovation, and better at making a return on that innovation, i.e. creating new value.

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The Role of Language in Business
Introducing Hermann Simon
Hidden Champions
History & Background of Hidden Champions
Performance Metrics for High-Performing Companies
Common Quantitative Metrics
Establishing Close Relationships with Customers
Customer-Driven Relationship
Employee Commitment
Industrial Digitalization as Germans
Tacit Knowledge
Long-Term Goals in Companies
Cultural Differences for Long-Term Goals
Deepening the Value Chain
Value Capture as an Expertise
Pricing as a Skill
Calculating Value Created for Customers
Different Approaches to Financing
Emergent Strategy
Wrap-Up on Hidden Champions
Works of Hermann Simon