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Episode #22. Cynthia Kay on Small Business, Big Success

November 22, 2023 Hunter Hastings Episode 22
Value Creators
Episode #22. Cynthia Kay on Small Business, Big Success
Show Notes

We live in a video age, which opens up a vast array of entrepreneurial pathways. Video is a field for open-ended free creative expression, as well as for tightly managed business tools built for ROI. It’s the ideal field for creative entrepreneurial small business innovators. Cynthia Kay of CK and CO is both a business founder and CEO of a video production business and a consultant and advisor to small businesses. She shared some of her insights and a preview of her 2024 book Small Business Big Success.  


CK’s business resources site:

Books you can buy now:

Cynthia Kay’s upcoming 2024 Book - Small Business, Big Success:

0:00 | Intro

02:37 | CK's Business Backstory: Inception to Present

04:41 | Started with Cold Calls and Big Capital Investment

06:39 | Tech Evolution Every Two Months

07:14 | Business Growth: Gradual OR Leaps

09:00 | Understanding the Big Business Perspective

11:58 | Education's Video Evolution: A Rapidly Changing Business Tool.

16:47 | Clients' Perception of Video Costs

18:30 | Functional knowledge: Educating Clients on Video Value and ROI

19:56 | Defining 'Best' in Video Production

22:39 | CK’s Advice: Solving Common Small Business Problems

25:08 | Excel as a Small Business Owner, Embrace Big-Thinking Strategies.

27:27 | From Expensive Equipment to iPhone Editing

29:17 | Small Customers Can Evolve into Major Assets

32:29 | Key Areas for Small Business Growth through Strategic Partnerships

35:58 | Can Small Businesses Outshine Big Corporations?

38:11 |  Automating Operations: Essential or Optional?

40:55 |  Wrap Up: Cynthia’s Upcoming Books Overview